If you lose your data..... will you
Lose your job?  Lose your company?

Did you know.......
All disk & Tape Drives will eventually fail???

Did you know.......
43% of companies that suffer catastrophic data loss never reopen,
and 29% fail within 2 years???

Did you know.......
That for less than a dollar a day, you can back up your data at an off-site location
after regular business hours.......automatically and securely???

So you think you have a backup system in place for all of your important data.  Are you sure?

Do you know whose responsibility it is to do that job?

Have they had the time to follow through with it?

Are you sure they understand how important it is? 




If you answered "NO" or "I DON'T KNOW" to any of these questions, it would be well worth your time to click on the coupon below to get some FREE, no obligation, information about this very important process.  Don't put it off until next week, when something terrible may have already happened.  

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* Source:  Contingency Planning Research and Strategic Research Corporation

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